One Timeless Video and Three Essays for Introverted Developers Flanked by Family on Thanksgiving Day

I was going for the longest blog post title ever. Hope you enjoy.

Rich Hickey’s Simplicity Made Easy
The best talk I have ever heard. It is full of first principles for development. Whether you agree with Hickey or not, it is a fantastic distillation of ideas.

Joel Spolsky’s The Law of Leaky Abstractions
Often I am an Architerual Astronaught. I reread this to remind me to seek Rich Hickey’s simplicity.

Steve Yegge’s Have you ever legalized marijuana?
I think about this essay every time I start a project that I think is easy. You may not agree with everything Steve Yegge says but his essays (monstrously long as they are) are always provocative.

Ben Mosely’s Out of the Tar Pit
It’s a bit long for reading on a holiday but the effort is worth it.


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